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I Would Like to Introduce You to THE CBA WEBINARS!  Weekly Exec Training.

Most of you know me, I am Dr Jonna Palmer, one of the co-owners of the Chiropractic Business Academy and Executive Director.  I  wanted to personally give you an introduction to our weekly webinars we now host at CBA.  There are currently 4 hour-long webinars each and every week covering a wide spectrum of office topics to enhance your staff (yes some of these are for staff) and YOUR executive kung-fu so that you have a more

Efficient machine that helps a lot more people, bonuses your staff from their amazing production and rewards you with a strong income as owner and executive director/CEO. We are teaching you the same exact executive tools I used to build a multimillion dollar practice that I did not have to do all the work helps create your ‘dream-team’ that push you OUT of the office so that you can work ON it versus IN it 24/7!  Enjoy!

How to Effectively Battleplan
Hi Guys!  I hope you enjoy 
the video on how to implement
The weekly Battleplans.  This
Tool is KEY for all senior
         Staff in your office!